10 - 11 November 2016
INAIR 2016
- International Conference on Air Transport

The INAIR conference is a forum in which Industry and Academia meet to exchange ideas and set up common challenges. The interaction between researchers and industry representatives is key in order to come up with innovative solutions for the challenges of the future. INAIR 2016 will be hosted by the Air transport department in Vienna on November 10-11, 2016.

Air Transport is nowadays mainly covered in topics like airport planning (infrastructure development); the criteria of success are defined in terms of number of runways, apron stands, terminal facilities etc. Airport capacity shortage requires optimal usage of existing infrastructure. The impact of climate change and resource shortage increases the complexity. Aviation has to optimize its overall capacity usage within even tighter constraints. Resilience of the aviation system is becoming a big issue; reliability of schedules and procedures for all stakeholders involved (including passengers and local communities in the airports neighborhood) is at stake. Disturbances due to severe weather, technical issues etc. might cause huge delays and costs. Solving these challenges require a mind shift towards changing and optimizing processes, innovation in infrastructure usage, logistics and cooperation between partners.

Innovation in aviation is often a challenge that needs to be addressed while respecting the inherent technical restrictions without compromising safety and security. The topic of the 2016 INAIR conference is to address this challenge and the subjects will try to answer the following questions among others:

  • How to innovate air transport in order to be able to increase capacity, sustainability and reliability while maintaining the high level of standards for safety and security?
  • What are the best practices in the industry?
  • Do we need to open the borders between airports, airlines and ANSPs?
  • What can we learn from other transport modes?
  • Will technological innovation alone be sufficient to solve the challenges ahead?
  • What are the best routes to implement new systems and procedures, knowing that we cannot change our current way of operating overnight?

Information for authors:

Abstracts should be up to 300 words long, in English language, text only. Aside from the abstract, the author should provide at least 3 keywords. The full paper should not exceed 4000 words and the maximum number of pages should be 8, including abstract, figures and references. The template for full papers submission can be downloaded here. Presentation of the paper should last up to 15 minutes, including the time provided for discussions. POSTER - The A1 size poster measures 59.4 x 84.1cm, 23.39 x 33.11 inches

icon Important dates

We would be pleased if you could meet these

Abstract submission:
3rd October 2016

Paper, Camera-Ready submission:
24th October 2016

icon Conference fees

Regular Fee: 300 EUR

Students (incl. PhD students): 150 EUR

Article submission only (no attendance): 70 EUR

Online registration

Due to organisational reasons we kindly ask you to register before 28th of October.

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Austria Trend Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg **** -  99€(single), 114€(double) ,- per night
Wilhelminenberg, Savoyenstraße 2, 1160 Wien.

Please provide "INAIR2016" as a booking reference.

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Palace Hostel Vienna -  Savoyenstrasse 2,1160 Wien, Austria.


Presentations day 1st

Aviation: Barriers in innovation

Author:Geert Boosten

Research, Technology & Innovation Landscape

Author: DI(FH) Ingrid Kernstock, M.A.

Safety Assessment for Light Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Author: Giorgio Gulieri, Gianluca Ristorto

The future of additive manufacturing in the aviation industry

Author: Robert O. Walton, PhD


Author: Liliana Magalhães, Vasco Reis, Rosário Macário

Low Cost Market Evolution Edification from the Past Visions of Future

Author: Prof. Tony Kazda

Major trends in the relation airport – airliners in the Central and Eastern Europe

Author: University Prof. Sorin Eugen Zaharia

A Micro-Simulation Model for Assessing the Performance of Check-in in Airports

Author: Manuel Félix, Vasco Reis

Air traffic management and weather: the potential of an integrated approach

Author: Martin Steinheimer, Carlos Gonzaga-Lopez, Christian Kern, Markus Kerschbaum, Lukas Strauss, Kurt Eschbacher, Martin Mayr, Carl-Herbert Rokitansky

New Trends in Aircraft De-icing

Author: Jan Pojezny, M.Sc. Mech. Eng.

NWP model output possibilities for aviation on purposes

Author: Miriam Jarošová

Inovative Approach in Provision of Air Navigation Services in Europe

Author: Ing. Miroslav Bartoš

Empowering your Employees to a better Fatigue Management in High Risk Industry

Author: Karin Mesarosova

New Economic Education for Air Transport Managers: Gaps, Challenges and Response of University of Žilina

Author: Anna Tomová

“No.1 Modern University in the UK, 2014, ‘15, ‘16”

Author: Jenni Fernando

Inter Pilot Academy

Author: Şükrü YEŞİLER

Air transport connectivity in the Western Balkans

Author: Mate Gjorgjievski, Branko Kochovskiv

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Air Transport Department
Univerzitná 8215/1
010 26 ŽILINA, Slovakia

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Organization board:

    Juliana Blašková,    Antonín Kazda

The University of Zilina

Air Transport Department is an educational and research workplace of the University. Educational, research and consultation activities of the Department are oriented at air transport operation, management of air traffic services, satellite systems, a/c maintenance, economics, airport design and operations, air transport security and safety. The Department provides Bachelor, Master, PhD. Courses and offers ab initio pilot training to ATPL frozen level combined with academic education. The department is an ACI recognized educational institution and member of the EASN. 


We would like to offer you a partnership during the upcoming international conference INAIR 2016 which will take place in Vienna on November 10 - 11 in the Austria Trend Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg.

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